Bounty Bob Rides Again – PC – Unofficial remake


Georg Rottensteiner liked Bounty Bob games so much that In 2006, he completed his remake for PC computers. He replicated all of the levels from Bounty Bob Strikes back, Miner 2049er and Miner 2049er II (the Apple II version) and even included a level editor so you can change them or create your own.

If you’d like to try it out, you can download it from his games page here (crashes on Windows 7, sadly).

Bounty Bob Strikes Back – Amstrad CPC – US Gold


Released for the Amstrad CPC in Europe in 1985 by US Gold, this conversion by Abersoft is one of the more visually accurate ports but suffers in the gameplay department due to sluggish movement and frequent slow-downs. Levels 12 (Acid Rain), 22 (Advanced Cannon), and 23 (Advanced Pulverizers) are missing. The title screen is also missing the animations of the original and the colors of each level are static (the same every time).