Miner 2049er – Colecovision – Micro Fun


This is the 1983 US Colecovision release by Micro Fun, programmed by Mike Livesay. This was the very first 3rd party game for the Colecovision and was initially rejected by Coleco for reasons unknown. Obviously they ultimately allowed it.

This version featured an extra 11th stage not found in the original (despite the front of the box proclaiming that you should expect “10 screen, full color arcade fun!”) The back of the box says there are 10 levels all over the place as well, except in one spot where it aludes to the 11th level — “in Coleco.” This is because the Apple II, IBM PC, and Colecovision versions all shared the same box, with each getting a sticker on the front saying which version is in the box. The screen shots on the back of the box are of the Apple II version.

The graphics and faster gameplay were also a departure from the Atari 5200 and Atari home computer versions.