Miner 2049er Volume II bootleg – Atari 2600 – Canal3


Lately I’ve been checking out (and have a few) Brazilian bootlegs because I really like their crazy label designs and creative naming. While there are plenty of bootlegs from South America, there aren’t many of Miner 2049er. To date, even among pictures of the hardcore Brazilian collectors’ collections, I’ve only see one cart (from Pop Video) and a flyer for one from from Canal 3.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve found another Brazilian bootleg cart, this time for Volume 2 from Canal 3! This one is not branded Intellivision like the Volume 1 in the flyer but it’s still really cool to see one. Enjoy.

Miner 2049er bootleg prototype – Colecovision – Onyx


Bootlegs of games are not too rare. Prototypes are pretty rare. Prototype bootlegs? Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

This was recently found along with a stash of Onyx ColecoVision prototype consoles from Microdigital – a bootlegging company out of Brazil who is best known for the Onyx Jr, an Atari 2600 knockoff with a pause button and a military theme.

As the story goes, an ex-Microdigital employee, whilst cleaning his attic, came across some interesting treasures, and gave the whole kaboodle to a gentleman named Marcus Garret, who’s a bit of a video game historian (he wrote 2 books about Atari).

Marcus was kind enough to power up the cart by my request and found that this version is the same as the released version of the game. It’s almost certainly more of an internal Onyx company test cart than a true prototype. Still, interesting to see.

Miner 2049er bootlegs – Atari 2600 – Various


The Atari 2600 games market in Brazil in the 1980’s was very large and very active. However it was overwhelmingly populated by bootlegs and the bootlegging companies tended to play free and loose with American brand names. One such company, Canal 3, released most of their titles under the brand name “Intellivision” (same logo and everything) even though the games were for the Atari 2600. Miner 2049er was one of the games they bootlegged and is almost certainly the source of the (false) rumor that there was an Intellivision version of the game.

Another was released by “Pop Video”

Miner 2049er Prototype – Game Boy – Mindscape


This is a pre-production cart. These are normally used for evaluation or marketing purposes before the production carts are available.

This one was discovered at a yard sale in Idaho in 2011 by Atariboy from the Digital Press forums along with a NBA 2 All Star Challenge proto.

It is unknown whether it has been dumped and whether it is complete or not but the date on the label is four months before the release of the game, so there may be differences from the final version.