Miner 2049er bootleg prototype – Colecovision – Onyx


Bootlegs of games are not too rare. Prototypes are pretty rare. Prototype bootlegs? Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

This was recently found along with a stash of Onyx ColecoVision prototype consoles from Microdigital – a bootlegging company out of Brazil who is best known for the Onyx Jr, an Atari 2600 knockoff with a pause button and a military theme.

As the story goes, an ex-Microdigital employee, whilst cleaning his attic, came across some interesting treasures, and gave the whole kaboodle to a gentleman named Marcus Garret, who’s a bit of a video game historian (he wrote 2 books about Atari).

Marcus was kind enough to power up the cart by my request and found that this version is the same as the released version of the game. It’s almost certainly more of an internal Onyx company test cart than a true prototype. Still, interesting to see.